Today, I wanted to share a Story with you. Well, not just any story but it’s my Own Real Story. First and Foremost I want to tell you, that I am just like you. 

Someone who was trying to become an Expert in Drop Shipping and sell Millions of Worth of products to Customers across the globe. 

The story starts right from the Day when I was taking a Class by The India-wide Famous Digital Marketer “Gaurav Madaan”.

He came to the class and asked us a Question.


did you do yesterday?

The answers of all students were pretty normal from chilling to doing nothing.

To this ‘Gaurav’ replied that he made Rs 70,000 a day before by just sending an email. 

That was the “AWE moment in my Career” and I wanted to do the same or more one day. 

I wanted to make money from my Online Business. 

That fire got me started and I embarked from a Offline Consulting Agency Model to a Digital World. 

I started my very 1st Store. I tested a lot of things on that store from Penny Ads to Direct Facebook Targeting. 

Nothing worked…i Failed with 5 Shopify Stores

After Investing all my Savings, with just 131 INR (Less Than $2) Left in my bank account and a 70,000 Credit card bill when i was about to give up my Ecom Dream, I thought 'Lets Give it Last Try'.   

And to my Surprise

I hit a Jackpot..

My Store was flying in just one day. 

I took the learnings, observed and carved a pattern.

I demystified the reason of my Success. 

And ever Since I have gone on to Duplicate that Strategy to build a Million $ Empire around Ecom and DropShipping.

It was never easy and will never be.

But If you are committed to your Passion, then there is no one stopping you. 


I get Many Messages where people say ’I don’t have Money how can i start Ecom Business’ My answer to them is you gotta find out ways to earn enough to support your dream if you are really very serious about doing this.

Back in March 2017 when i was failing constantly with my Ecom Stores inorder to keep the cashflow running i use to take side jobs. I use to install those small boards across the city in the night so that i can make some cash to support my Ecom Dream.

The only thing that kept me going was the Belief that some day or the other i am going to make it. There will be a day when i’ll be posting pictures of my current situation to inspire many others like me.

The only message i could give you is that you should never give up on your dreams. Its not money, its not time NOO The only thing who is stopping you from achieving your dream is YOU!

Change the Mindset and make it Happen!


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